389 South Wayne Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45215

(513) 554-1453
RLA Utilities                              History
RLA Utilities is an underground construction company that works mainly with natural gas. We began our work in 1996 as a restoration, excavation, and straight line sawing company and have since taken comprehensive steps to become a top-tier underground utility contractor focusing mainly on natural gas distribution projects. Although we construct "cross country" transmission lines from time to time, we are most at home when working in an urban environment.
Our business is the construction of gas distribution systems. We have extensive experience with both residential and commercial services where we utilize the latest equipment and technology to ensure safe, quality, and cost effective projects.

We provide turn-key solutions for:
  • Main installation (2" plastics through 24" steel)
  • Main-to-meter installation including all inside work
  • Complete restoration including street, sidewalk, and sod
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